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cara Production Centre

Service from a single source
Send us your framework design – you will receive the veneer-ready framework from cara.

Diversity of indications from cara

The cara Production Centre is located in Hanau, Germany. Here, a finished framework is fabricated from your digital design using advanced fabrication technologies.
Subtractive methods for crowns, bridges and telescopes
Today, cara central production processes some materials using classical subtractive methods. For example, crowns or bridges are produced from zirconium oxides or cobalt-chrome alloys.
Plastics are also processed the same way. cara is continuously optimising these production methods to cover more indications and to raise cost-efficiency.
Milling machine in cara central production.

Milling machine in cara central production.

Milling method in cara central production.

Milling method in cara central production.

Additive production methods
Additive production methods are the e-manufacturing of dental technology. The component is built up with layered application and by fusing alloy powders. This means that even delicate designs can be fabricated pore-free and with perfect fit. The exposure strategy developed especially for dental applications minimises warping of the components and guarantees a homogeneous and dense structure. Every unit is annealed at the end, which minimises structural stresses.
Additive production method

Additive production method

Subtractive production method

Subtractive production method

cara Ordering Process
We make it easy for you to place orders. Even if you are not a cara system customer, you can still order nearly all our products.
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Advantages of the cara production centre at a glance
Vorteile des cara Fertigungszentrum
In production, you save expensive investments in milling machines and future technology systems.
You can take advantage of fast transfer of expertise offered by a strong partner.
Today's most innovative production technologies are at your disposal.